Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tracking the traverse progress

With primitive satellite phone link, I'll not be able to do anything fancy while on traverse. It will be short text messages (130 characters), so posts will be tiny. I'll probably send lat/lon updates and/or waypoint names for anyone who wants to see.

It may be that AAD will generate something as we go, but if not, and for those who want to see progress,  I include here a couple of maps. The basemap was kindly provided by AAD, and the waypoints are ones that our French colleagues provided a while back. The route as it stands follows the established French traverse route to Dome C as far as waypoint "D85", or maybe "V0 RDC". There is still some doubt about exactly where we turn off and the precise route after we turn off but these waypoints and maps will give some context.

The first map is the large scale big-picture map, and the second one is a zoom in on the region from DDU to D85...