Friday, January 3, 2014

ABN - The pictorial

So our stay at Casey continues - we were due to fly home today, but weather prevented our departure. We got up at 3am ready to drive to Wilkins aerodrome and were informed that we should go back to bed. Hopefullly tomorrow morning, Saturday, we will succeed.

The upside is that the extra time has given me the opportunity to assemble some pictures as promised, so I hope you enjoy putting images to the words of recent weeks. A few of these are larger versions of images you have seen. Images are free for non-commercial use.

Arrival at Casey by US C130 aircraft.

Full moon at Casey.

Williamson Glacier on eastern Law Dome (en route to Dumont d'Urville).

On approach to Dumont d'Urville skiway: view out to Dumont d'Urville  (island in centre).

Aerial view of Cape Prud'homme and traverse marshalling area on hillside above.

Another view of the traverse marshalling area.

DDU Station from the sea ice.

View back to Cape Prud'homme from DDU.

DDU resident: Emperor Penguin.

Cape Prud'homme.

Cape Prud'homme.
Map of the traverse, showing daily stops (15 days).

Traverse with tractor 5 (the one I drove) out front.

Towing a stuck tractor - view from the kassbohrer.

Traverse underway. The orange fuel tank holds 12000 litres of fuel.

Traverse in blizzard conditions.

Sun dogs around midnight.

The raid team on arrival at ABN.

First Basler flight, overflying the ABN skiway.

First Basler arrival.

Kitchen/living tent looking from kitchen (behind).
Firn air drilling tent.

Accommodation tents after snow.

Kitchen/living tent (looking toward kitchen)

Camp with sun halo.

Processing tent.
Main drill tent.

Shallow coring.

Main drill tent, showing excavated floor to accommodate drill tower.

Camp scene: L-R, Kitchen/living tent, processing tent, firn air tent (distance), main drill tent (corner only).

Camp scene.

Camp scene.

First half and full season team.

End of firn drilling - second pair of gloves worn out!

Aerial view on departure.